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RPGステラセプトオンライン 1.20.27 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

RPGステラセプトオンライン APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) Latest version Download for android

Download latest version RPGステラセプトオンライン v1.20.23 (MOD, Money/Coin) Android 2020 Apk for Free for Android Full version and RPGステラセプトオンライン Apk + Mod available here and you can also download it.

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Game Name :RPGステラセプトオンライン
Game rating / Vote : / 18797
MOD Offered By :Apkiu
Latest Updated :2019-02-14
Installs :500,000+
Category :Role Playing
Requirement :Android 4.0+
Playstore Link :com.asobimo.stellacept_online_gp
MOD file Size :45.7 MB

RPGステラセプトオンライン Screenshots:

RPGステラセプトオンライン 1.20.23 screenshots 1

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Whats New?

  • RPGステラセプトオンライン Update full game
  • Added New version
  • RPGステラセプトオンライン MOD version link added
  • MOD mirror link alos added
  • RPGステラセプトオンライン (MOD, Unlimited money/coins)

RPGステラセプトオンライン description: ◆全世界400万DL突破!!◆


◆華麗なスキルで敵を圧倒! 爽快バトル!◆



※MMO RPG :Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (大規模多人数同時参加型 オンライン ロールプレイング ゲーム)

Android版ステラセプトでは、『Google ID(以下Google アカウント)』を用いた認証をおこなっております。
Android端末へのGoogle アカウント設定を行うことで上記のケースにおきましても引き続きアカウント情報(キャラクター等)を継続利用が行えます。

・通信状態や緊急メンテナンスなどで ゲームへ接続がおこなえない場合がございます。
・他のお客様とのトラブルにならないよう、 マナーを守ったゲームプレイをお願いします。

■イルーナ戦記 オンライン [IRUNA Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■セレスアルカ オンライン[CelesArca Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■エリシア オンライン [Ellicia Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■オルクス オンライン [Aurcus Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■ぷちっとくろにくる オンライン (基本プレイ無料)

■ステラセプト オンライン [Stellacept Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■アヴァベル オンライン [AVABEL] (基本プレイ無料)

■イザナギ オンライン [IZANAGI Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■BTOOOM!オンライン [btooom-online] (基本プレイ無料)

■トーラム オンライン [Toram Online] (基本プレイ無料)

■アルケミアストーリー [AlchemiaStory] (基本プレイ無料)
◆ Over 4 million DL worldwide! ! ◆

◆ Game introduction
SF fantasy online RPG (MMORPG) challenging a mighty enemy as a warrior to protect people from dark life forms
You become a warrior of the heurian martial group that will save people living on the planet Sadarusudo.
Dressed in the mysterious power “Stella” that breathes worldwide, defeat the mighty enemy “Tarazedo”!

◆ Overwhelmed enemies with brilliant skills! An exhilarating battle!
Real time active battle method adopted.
In the battle with Enemy, each other ‘s skills are mixed.
Let’s release the potential force with ‘burst point’!

◆ simultaneous cooperation play between users ◆!
As MMORPG, breaking the same enemy with multiple persons simultaneously !!
Information sharing in chat, trade of items, etc. Full of elements of exchange !!

◆ Experience high-quality 3D graphics! ◆
Smartphone MMORPG top class graphics!
Solo and party play! Play multi-player simultaneous battle interpersonal battle (PvP) with high quality 3D graphics!

※ MMO RPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (large-scale multiplayer simultaneous online role-playing game)

About Character Transfer Between Android Terminals
With Android version Stellercept, we use “Google ID (hereinafter referred to as” Google Account “) for authentication.
· “Synchronizing account information to new Android terminal” due to model change
· “Restoring account information” from “terminal repair / exchange” or “terminal initialization” due to trouble such as malfunction of the user’s terminal
By setting up a Google Account on Android device, you can continue to use account information (characters etc.) continuously in the above case.

**Please be careful**
· This work is online only.
· Depending on the model you use, execution speed may be different.
· There are times when connection to the game can not be performed due to communication status or emergency maintenance etc.
· To avoid trouble with other customers, please play game that protected manner.
· In the place where characters in the game gather etc., delay of operation due to congestion etc. and temporary disconnection may occur.
· In regard to the operation of your terminal, in the user’s own use environment
Please check first in the range of basic play free.
· If there is a possibility that the terminal will become hot during game play,
Please reconsider the contents of config and consider continuing play.
· This application is service for Japan domestic.
Since we can not assume any responsibility in regard to using from outside Japan,
Please acknowledge it beforehand for your understanding.

【Online game played by Asobimo】
~ The masterpiece fantasy played by 10 million people worldwide! ~
■ Iruna Senki Online [IRUNA Online] (basic play free)

~ Individual rich avatar 10 trillion street! ~
■ Ceres Alca Online [CelesArca Online] (basic play free) 4

~ Mirror dark fantasy! ~
■ Elysia Online [Ellicia Online] (basic play free)

~ Refreshing action with freedom to attack! ~
■ Orcus Online [Aurcus Online] (basic play free) KUJn

~ Cute Chibi Chara is a great adventure! Easy action ~
■ Petit and Kurokuru online (basic play free)

~ Refreshing Battle & Super High Quality 3D! SF fantasy ~
■ Stellacept Online [Stellacept Online] (Basic play free)

~ Powerful battle X variegated action! Beautiful graphics! ~
■ Avel online [AVABEL] (basic play free)

~ Refreshing ninja action of super death! ~
■ Izanagi Online [IZANAGI Online] (basic play free) dFHa 6

~ Hide and throw! Bomb battle! ~
■ BTOOOM! Online [btooom-online] (basic play free)

~ Orthodox MMORPG to enjoy freedom! ~
■ Torum Online [Toram Online] (Basic play free)

~ Adventure with “YOME” not alone! ~
■ Alchemia Story [AlchemiaStory] (Basic Play Free)

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